Italy is one of the chief producers of wine in Europe. Integral to both the culture and the cuisine, it is strange that the grape varieties are perhaps less well known than their French and new World counterparts.
Italy can claim to have a true wine culture, and Italian wine has heritage and variety in abundance- and the tradition of excellent wine is interwoven into how we regard the people and the country. Whether it is in a trattoria or Piazza in cosmopolitan Rome, or a picturesque Tuscan coastal getaway, a glass of good,local wine is integral to that ideal Italian picture.

Regional differences in weather and local produce (especially the cheese!)has yielded stunning variety and subtlety in flavour portfolios.

We pride ourselves on our extensive wine list and authentic Italian cuisine at Punto. Two of life’s true pleasures, good food and wine are even better when enjoyed together to get that partnership of flavours working effortlessly. Here are some of our favourite combinations..

Greeting fizz
Marchese Antinori Franciacorta Cuvée Royale, Tenuta Montenisa (Antipasto Siciliano)
I feel that I don’t need to mention Prosseco these days- Italy’s worst kept secret, however many don’t know that the Marchese Antinori Franciacorta is another great champagne alternative well worth sampling. With citrus, ripe fruit and almond notes, this fizzy lively Brut is great to get a celebration started.

Fish course
Verdicchio di Matelica, Bisci (With Gamberoni Portofino)

This wine has history! With some stories placing Verdicchio wine in the hands of the Visgoths in the 4/5th century, it is fair to say that this wine is relatively established!
A smaller region than its popular neighbour Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, the di Matelica region is landlocked but that does not stop its sharp fresh aromas working as the perfect accompaniment to white fish and shellfish.

Stellato Vermentino di Sardegna (Insalata abruzzese)

This crisp, citrusy white has a good balanced acidity and herb notes, but will not impose itself on lighter salads and seafood dishes. Great with sardine and octopus and many other local Southern Italian specialities, this is a reliably delicate option if looking for smooth and velvet textures alongside citrus and oil dressings.

Brolo di Campofiorin Rosso del Veronese IGT (Pappardelle Punto & agnello griglia)

Velvety and rich, this elegant, Northern Italian red is refined using a relatively recently rediscovered aging technique. It is stored in small oak barrels that enhance the complexity leading to a deeper woody aromas and a deep indigo colour. Great with rich red meat and tomato sauces and It can also act as a great accompaniment to a cheese course.

Angelo Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
With black cherry, this fun and fruity red is a great table wine when grabbing a slice with friends. Bursting with juicy notes of spice, but well-rounded and very clean, it works equally well with pomodoro and tomato pastas too,

Château Coutet, Barsac half bottle

This sweet biscuity desert wine is a great way to round off a fantastic evening. Citrus peels and butterscotch notes with a smooth sweet simplicity mean that this wine can handle both creamy chocolate offerings and also the tarter fruit desert offerings.

Now you just need a coffee to finish the evening perfectly..